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About Me

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I've loved creating things ever since I was a kid from whimsical art to practical objects.

Bringing together my two passions of art and practicality, I make beautiful, useful software for a living.

My Passions

My front end experience includes HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Javascript, including JQuery and Angular. What I love about front-end is figuring out how to create a rich, intuitive experience for users.

My back end experience includes the .NET Framework with SQL Server. What makes back-end satisfying is structuring the brains and heart of an app-- the business logic and its database.

Code a Better World

After finishing up at Nashville Software School, I'm currently a full stack application developer at HCA.

Front-end, back-end, new technology or old -- I'm always looking for opportunities to be part of a great team with the opportunity to build great things.

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  • Book Review: Head First C#

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  • The Twisted Time Traveller

    Created at the 2015 Global Game Jam where the theme was 'What do we do now?' Our team decided on a time-travelling choose-your-own-adventure story. More...